Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy National Garden Month!

April is National Garden Month... It's better late than never! I'm celebrating by figuring out what I'm going to plant in a container garden on my porch. Here's what I'm reading:
NC Cooperative Extension Info on Container Vegetable Gardening
National Gardening Association 
 Any recommendations for reading on container gardening is much appreciated!

I'll post pictures and updates as it comes along. Remember that I'm totally an amateur and starting completely from scratch. Aside from having a couple great-aunts and uncles who are Master Gardeners in Michigan (let's hope it's in the genes!), I have no extensive knowledge about growing anything. I tried cherry tomatoes in a pot last year... but every time one turned red it caught Luke's attention, and he ripped it off and threw it across the yard. We didn't get to enjoy the 6 whole cherry tomatoes we grew that season. Hopefully we have better luck this year. I think window boxes are the way to go. That way Lucas can't reach or knock it over... although I am consistently surprised at what a 2-year-old is capable of...

Maybe he's just trying to tell me he wants his own garden. I love these ideas for Child Friendly Gardens!
The article says that even 2 year olds can help! That means Lucas! It mentions super cute themed gardens like a "Pizza Garden" with tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. Love this!

Happy Gardening Everyone! Comment and tell us what you're planting!

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