Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How We're Getting Ready...

35 Days to go!

But while we haven't officially started yet, we aren't just following our same old habits either. The biggest thing we're doing is reading and researching, which has already led to changes. I'm buying only organic and non-GMO foods, we are already doing lots of farmers market shopping, and we've gone meatless on Mondays. We are using the next 35 days to clear out our pantry and fridge of what non-challenge friendly food is already there, learn how to cook from the basics, and come up with the details of our game plan. 

We still have a few kinks to work out, like the rules about restaurants. What do you think those should be? Obviously, fast food is out. Most chains too... Anyone know of any restaurants that would fit in our new lifestyle? There is one organic restaurant (Sprouts on New Hope Road). Comment and let me know what you think!
Another thing we are looking into is kitchen tools. When Lucas was tiny, I tried making homemade baby food from farmers market veggies. I didn't have a blender or a proper food processor and Lucas was disgusted by the texture of my creations! Lesson learned. I've got a blender, food processor and juicer now... Eric is looking into canning equipment, a vaccum sealer and maybe a dehydrator. Having the right tools will make this whole switch go a lot smoother, and come winter when most the markets close, we won't be tempted to hit the grocery stores.


  1. I love this idea! Maybe when you're about half way through, I could interview you for my blog...