Saturday, July 2, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Whew! If I'm not traveling, I'm hosting travelers in my own home! My best friends and 5 of their family members came to stay a couple days this weekend. They have been on board and in love with this farmers market idea since day one, but it was nice to feel their support face to face, while they were loving every bite of homemade wheat bread and fresh blackberries and peaches for breakfast this morning.

I was thinking it would be more difficult to cook for 10 people with our new shopping habits, but who needs to cook?! I threw the bread together in the bread machine last night, and this morning before anyone else even woke up, Eric was at the Gastonia Farmers Market getting super affordable, yet super large quantities of fresh fruit. And the best part is that everyone was happy! The only complaint was that they wanted to try the homemade blueberry syrup they've read about... Guess what's for breakfast in the morning!

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  1. i think what you are doing should be repeated in every community in our country. Too many people are getting far too far away from their food source. This morning I opened my freezer to see that my housemate had purchased an item called "Texas Toast" is has to be one of the worst things I have seen lately. It is just huge pieces of bread doused in a butter-like flavor that I think you cook in the microwave.......holy crap, are people really this lazy?