Monday, May 9, 2011

What's On Your Plate?

I’m a documentary junkie, so it’s no surprise that I’ve put a ton of food docs in my Netflix list. Tonight Eric and I watched What’s on Your Plate? - a documentary following two 11-year-old girls for a year as they explore the politics of their food. They made a map showing where our food  comes from and how smog and pollution is a result of it being shipped (even though we grow lots and lots of stuff right here).  How funny that 11-year-olds could figure this out, but it passes by so many adults. The movie also addresses the issue of school lunch and the need (and really the right kids have) for real, healthy food in schools. This movie and its website would be a great way to inform your kids and get them on board if you are making these sorts of lifestyles changes.

Some great quotes from the film:
“I just don’t feel like good food should be a luxury.”
“We actually have more people in prison than we have farming.”
“Unhealthy food is never cheap. It costs when you have to pay a doctor and it costs when you have to pay for medicine.”
One more thing I learned: 
CSA Community Supported Agriculture – People in the community give the farmers money early in the season, and can count on fresh produce in return.You can look up your local CSA here.

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