Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mark my words...

I will never buy bread from the store again! Ever.

I went to the Lowell Farmers Market this afternoon because after last week, I wasn't about to miss that. The lady I bought bread from last week (Ladybug Farms) remembered me, which I love because no Food Lion cashier has ever done that. The sourdough I got last week was AMAZING, but I couldn't finish it all while Eric was in China so I made homemade breadcrumbs out of the rest once it got dry. This time I got a half loaf of cinnamon raisin bread and before I could even put it away, Lucas was asking for it.

Holy. Moly.

It is ridiculous how good this bread is. Seriously. I want to put candles in it on my birthday and just forget about the cake. True story.

I also got a pound of summer squash, a pound of asparagus and a pint of strawberries... all grown within 15 miles of my house. When I buy this stuff, I'm talking to the person who owns and works the farm. Love that. I tried a piece of chocolate pound cake (which was delicious) and the guy said it was baked this morning. Yes. This is the food I want to eat.

I am now and will forever be a Lowell Farmers Market devotee.

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