Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Lowell Farmers Market,

How dare you be so fantastic and yet so tiny and unknown. With your hip musician playing the hits of the 90's and now, you feel more like a festival than a farmers market. And you should have seen my face when I found out about your "free samples"... and by "free samples" I mean a gourmet, regular-sized meal for zero dollars.

That conversation went like this:

Me: What are you doing over here? (This is the best I could do because I'm so socially awkward, but curious enough to force myself to say something.) 

Guy with tattoos and longish hair in a chefs jacket: Oh, just a little lettuce wrap with grilled steak and a strawberry, cherry and onion sauce, and a slice of grilled tomato basil bread with a smear of goat cheese. (This is not actually what he said. I just can't remember the fancy culinary terms... I was too preoccupied by how amazing it looked.)

Me: Oh ok. Yeah I want that. (And then I stood there waiting for him to give me the price.)

Chef Guy who is obviously creeped out by me at least a little bit: (After a good 30 seconds...) Um, you can take one, I have more coming out soon.

Me: How much is it?

Guy: Oh no charge.

Me: Wait, what?! WHY!?

Guy: Just doing some free samples today... Just buy something from one of these farmers out here. (All the ingredients were from the vendors.)

Me: Uuuhhh... ok.

Oh my dear Lowell Farmers Market, please accept my deepest apologies for how awkward I am. I don't do it on purpose and I'm not actually creepy. I just don't know how to talk to strangers. Anyways, I'm including photos in case you want to scrapbook about the beautiful day that we met. You are awesome and your vendors are so local, just the way I like them.

Be seeing you soon... (Thursdays at 4pm),
Angie, Your Newest Weekly Patron


  1. SO many things that I like about this post. Did I say like? I meant love. Love love love.

  2. Love this post as well. Easy reading and really has me into wanting to try this market as well. Where is it located exactly? never knew there was one! Great job and Thanks!