Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Snack Time!} Roasted Kale Chips

Snacks are one of the biggest adjustments we are making right now. I realize now how dependent upon processed snack foods we are/were... especially when it comes to Lucas. I'm not fooling myself... I'm going to have to continue to buy grocery store snacks for the kiddo. Even if I learned how to make homemade goldfish, cheese crackers, and ritz bits, there is no way I could keep up with his snacking without quitting my job and becoming a full-time baker. Not going to happen. But I have switched to organic crackers and snacks when I do have to buy them, and GASP! I expect Lucas to eat more fruits and veggies than he has been. The goal is to find homemade, do-able snack recipes that he (and Eric) will actually eat.

I think I found one today...

Roasted Kale Chips (from the blog, Family Fresh Cooking)

I made two batches... one seasoned with Garlic Powder and one with Bacon Salt. This is my absolute first experience with kale, and after one taste test I realized that I could totally eat these chips with nothing on them. After just five minutes in the oven, I was shocked at how amazing it smelled in my kitchen. It was overwhelmingly delicious. 

My only note for this recipes is that it took longer than the 10-15 minutes indicated. Just keep an eye on them and cook until crunchy. If they don't cook all the way, they just end up kinda chewy. Delicious... but chewy. 
This make a salty snack you don't have to feel bad about. Can't wait to serve them with cheeseburgers! 
Happy Snacking!


  1. Interesting. Bring some home with you and convince me.

  2. Bacon salt, great idea. I recently made kale chips for the first time too. LOVED them!

  3. huh, I've only ever had kale raw on my veggie burgers. I'll have to try this sometime. Thanks for the idea & link!